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    need freelance flash person


    I need three flash movies made. To be made like mini commercials. They need to be height="224" width="512"

    The swf files should look and function like a commercial like seen here (look on the left hand column next to the "TOURNAMENT TRACKER" box. Althought I do not need or want any back,pause or next button on it. the size would be the same as those as well.

    I am looking for the best price and the fastest turn around time. I have a budget in mind but rather not post it to see if I can get lower. The first person to quote what I fee is the best price will get the gig.

    The best price with the best quality portfolio will get this gig. I need a total of three seperate flash movies of the size noted above made and could also lead to other work.

    please post your price quotes here

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    Get a hold of Aroldo at He does some great work.


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    Do you have your own graphics or do we have to come up with our own?

    I could probably do it for $40 per video.

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