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    Question Reliable host for 400MB+ mysql site

    i have a large database site .news , articles , tutorials etc over 400MB+ mysql and about 9GB space . about 500 visitors per day.
    i am now with dreamhost and its total nightmare the site loads forever without the cache enabled. I looking for fast shared hosting that can handle this and i cant go with vps or any dedicated servers. i need a shared host for about 9$/month.
    also i tried hostgator 3 weeks ago and the site was loading fast and everything is good.but they kicked me out without any reason so i cant go with hostgator. i am thinking of hostmonster but i dont know if this will be good for my site or not.

    Any Recommendation?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You might consider raising your budget some as this sounds a tad low for quality services w/ the listed usage and history. What is your daily or monthly BW transfer?

    Good luck w/ your search and best wishes!

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    For such requirements, You will need to look at hosts that are not overselling like this.
    If you are jumping from oversellers to oversellers, you will be getting more or less same quality of service.
    What is your budget?
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    i can rais my budget to 15$/month as max . and can anyone recommend hosts that are not overselling?

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    Before to try any host, I suggest you to ask to Hostgator why your account has been canceled to avoid the same problem to happen again.
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    okay my account suspended when i was tying to copy a 7GB folder to test something . while coping the folder i got email from hostgator that my account suspended

    "Reference: Monitor
    Server: gator364
    User: xxx
    Email: [email protected]

    Suspended: xxxx 2008-01-26 12:27:06 (1 times)

    The account 'xxxx' has had it's shell access revoked for violations of our terms of service.
    The account 'xxxx' has been suspended for two violations of our terms of service:

    Downloading exploits/exploitive behavior.
    Hosting an exploit/hacking related site.

    This email is simply a notice. Thank you./"

    i was shocked i didn't use any exploits on the shell or scanners or any hacking stuff . so i emailed them that i didn't use any exploits but i never got a replay . so i asked the live chat support they said they will inform the security department . then i got email from the security department


    Please stop abusing our support staff over the phone & live chat, you will not receive another answer from us on the subject. Your account will remain suspended.

    Thank You,"

    my site is a security news site like securityfocus etc we put latest exploits , vulnerabilities etc but i never used any exploits on the shell . also before i host with them i asked the live chat support if there is any problem to host a site like this .. they answered " absolutely not" .
    i think they suspended my site after copying this folder so my disk space reached about 20 GB.

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    Companies that oversell as much as these do not want you to use anywhere near the amount of space that you purchase from them. The moment you start using a high amount of resources on the server they will suspend you for it and give you some Silly explanation as to why they have suspened the account.

    Good luck in finding a reliable host that does not oversell. Please post back here and let us no how you get on .
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    You host a site that hosts exploits, I'm gonna guess thats in violation of their ToS. If you're gonna host a hacking/cracking/exploiting site you're gonna have to find a web host that will allow this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graspit View Post
    Try one of these hosts
    Why? Because they're highest payouts in your affiliate list?
    hi there!

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    Is your website running slowly because it is script intensive or is it running slowly due to oversold servers? If its the former, then you may many to consider opting for a VPS instead of another shared host.
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    You've outgrown shared hosting.
    You'll need at least a VPS to use 400MB of MySQL Database Storage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLHC View Post
    You've outgrown shared hosting.
    You'll need at least a VPS to use 400MB of MySQL Database Storage.

    I am suprised that you have not started getting MySQL errors due to concurrent sessions.

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    This is a huge DB you have, and you're using much web space. Otherwise I would have suggested Cartika's package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaw Networks View Post
    Is your website running slowly because it is script intensive or is it running slowly due to oversold servers? If its the former, then you may many to consider opting for a VPS instead of another shared host.
    my site running slowly only on dreamhost but when i was with hostgator it was running fast without enabling the cache. so i am sure its not because the script. and i cant go for a VPS i dont have money for that and my website is kinda new i started it 5 months ago. but what i am saying if the site was loading fast on a shared host "hostgator" so i don't need a vps.
    i need a good recommendation that fit my budget.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Well Dreamhost is about the most flexible when it comes to your rights to host certain things. I would do as an original poster mentioned and read the TOS very carefully of where you go because most companies will suspend you for hosting exploits. Even if it is a security site.
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    I have absolutely no affiliation with this company nor have I ever used it before or know anything about it's service, but I recently came across it and noticed they allow a lot of different sites and aren't critical about their ToS. They're an offshore service in HK.

    Since you're hosting exploits and potentially malicious scripts though, it may be worth looking into.

    Good luck,

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