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    Managed Hosting (Liquid Web VS Rackspace)

    For reliable managed hosting, with some research, I can find...

    Liquid Web

    It seems like Liquid Web is definitely the bang for the bucks.. but it also makes me think if it's too good to be true. I feel Rackspace is more "professional" and they're more "high-end". But I definitely love the pricing from LiquidWeb. for the same price, I can get a quad core + 4GB from LiquidWeb, and maybe an AMD dual-core + 1GB from Rackspace..

    My question is : Do LiquidWeb and Rackspace offer the same kind of "managed services"? Rackspace told me that they would give me an account manager which makes me feel more personalized. but I also had a live chat with LiquidWeb and the sales kept marketing the "Heroic support"

    Let me give you some statistics of my site

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    Liquidweb are great hanspaul, I'm from the UK myself and their service and management have been excellent... highly recommended...

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    While LiquidWeb seems to be better than many other hosts, I don't believe they are nearly on the same level as Rackspace. Its also funny how they just recently adopted "Heroic Support" which seems to be a rip off of "Fanatical Support" from Rackspace...not necessarily a bad idea...I'm just saying

    Also, I believe Rackspace has UK based data centers which would be good if your target audience is UK/Europe. I don't know if LiquidWeb offers the same.

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    Do a search. This exact topic has been discussed numerous times, including very recently.

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    Liquidweb and Rackspace are very different providers (Rackspace offers proactive management).

    I recommend their support, servers and network is excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dixtech1 View Post
    Liquidweb and Rackspace are very different providers (Rackspace offers proactive management).
    Curious, which proactive management features don't we provide that you like in Rackspace? We do provide proactive management but maybe there is something that Rackspace does that I'm unaware of.
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    Also remember that Liquidweb servers are self-nmanaged if you don't have a control panel installed. Although I believe they will try and help with OS issues if you ask.

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    It depends on what your exact needs and budget are to make this decision , both are good companies , but if price isn't the issue go rackspace.
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    Being a Rackspace customer I'd highly recommend them. Its funny to me LiquidWeb recently added "heroic support", seems like a direct ripoff of fanatical support.

    If you are on the fence look at the provider of this forum you are posting on. Rackspace!

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    The main advantage of Rackspace is that they only use about 30% of their network capacity (no overselling at all), but you will see this in the price.

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