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    Dedicated server wanted

    I currently have a dedicated server from softlayer for $260 a month. My plan includes 2000GB Bandwidth and a 260GB HD.

    I need to move to a different company, as my experience with softlayer hasn't been as smooth as i would like. I would prefer a server outside the U.S. as most of my customers are located outside the U.S.

    Some of my requirements are:
    At least 2TB monthly bandwidth
    Rdc access
    Iroffer and torrenting is allowed
    A decent sized HD. 200GB+
    100mbit minimum (i currently get full 100mbit)
    Cost should be under $300 but that's flexible

    I was leaning towards theplanet because they are offering me a nice deal but i'm afraid that some of my customers might not get their maximum speeds.

    If anybody has any suggestions, i'd be glad to hear.

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    A host that allows torrents will be hard to find. This also depends on WHAT you seed.

    Torrents + Iroffer sounds like warez = a big nono.
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    It won't be anything copyrighted.

    Edit : Why would it be hard to find? Both the hosts i've looked at (Softlayer & Theplanet) have no problems with it.

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    I wonder why you need torrents & an irc warez program to share legal stuff. Just my opinion.

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    Oh common, there are so many things you can do with torrents and irc that doesn't involve MPAA/RIAA.

    For example : International content.

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