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    Question Questions about hosting web-servers

    OOOPS Posted in the wrong forums, I am going to make a new thread in the correct forum, feel free to ignore this and/or delete it.

    The company where I work have decieded to host some webservers for our partners, and we are looking for some information on what possible solutions exsits.

    First off, we currently got 1 public IP address we can use for it, we have the possibilities of expanding our IP range, but only 1 IP address available for this at the moment. I am kind of sketchy on how web-servers work, but if I remember correctly you set up a virtual server for each domain. However I don't know if we need more public IP address for each domain, or what other options exist. If anyone could go some more into the details on how this works, it would be nice.

    We have decieded on using a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server, but are unsure on what possible choices we have for software. Especially considering GUI vs. command line. We want our partners to be able to do some administrative tasks from wherever they are, and we would prefer if they were able to do that, trough as GUI, since it decreses the chance of anyone screwing up.

    We are also going to set up a email server, where we again want our partners to be able to administer trough a GUI, if any such options exists. I would also appreciate any thoughts about IMAP vs SMTP and what solutions exists for these.
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