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Tech4server.com is providing server management for just 50$/mo/server . For additional servers it is just 45$/mo .
Server management includes:
* Installation and Configuration of Firewall
APF or configserver firewall(only for cpanel)
* Installation and Configuration of BFD
to send email alerts when your server is brute forced
* Setting up RKhunter to scan your server daily and email logs daily .
* Installation and configuration of eaccelerator, so that it uses your empty partition.
* Installation of Zend Optimizer if required
* Installation of Nmap, VNstat
* Installation and configuration of GD,Freetype2,ImageMagick if required
* Securing SSH
* Optimization of mysql,httpd,php to give you the best efficiency
* Securing /tmp and /var/tmp
* Setting up of Bootup scripts if required
* Installation and configuration of SIM (System Integrity Monitor)
* Installation of Mytop (Console Based Tool for monitoring Mysql threads/processes and perfomance)
* Installation and configuration of SPRI (A program that changes priority of different process, helps decrease average load level)
* Installation and configuration of PHPSysInfo (a GUI to your server's vital statistics)
* Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection
* Upgrade any system software if required by client.

Apart from this this plan also includes troubleshooting, 24*7 Priority Support, 24*7 Server Monitoring . Our technicians will reboot the service/server in case server is not responding within 15 minutes(usually 5-10 minutes) of the notification.

$50 / month Order Now

Other serivces offered:


* Deployment strategy planing and discussion using IM, E-Mail (ticketing system), or Phone
* Vulnerability Audit on the host.
* Installing all the software upgrade by OS vendor
* Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software
* Kernel Upgrade
* Host.conf & sysctl hardening
* Securing Mount Points (/tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm, ...)
* Compiler and Network application limiting
* SSH server hardening
* Services Hardening
* Rootkit/Exploit scanner reports sent daily (Rootkit Hunter)
* File System Integrity Checking (Samhain Installation and configuration)
* Installation and Configuration of host firewall (Shorewall setup or Your choice of firewall )
* Brute Force Protection (OSSEC)
* Active response configuration for common attacks
* Installation of system resource reports (cacti)
* System / hardware optimization audit and recommendation
* Mod_Security installation and configuration
* setup mod_secoreboard for live apache traffic monitoring
* PHP Hardening (Disabling of dangerous PHP functions)
* Logwatch and logrotate configurationName Server Configuration check
* Nessus Reports.
* Configure server to help you get Hacker safe logo.
$100 / one time Order now

We also Offer server optimization and custom work .

Why Choose tech4server?

24*7 Priority Support for our customers
A team of experienced techs available for your servers
Save Money and still get Topclass server management.
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Any questions: send an email to support at tech4server.com or submit a ticket at https://tech4server.com/support/

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