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    webhosting Rec

    Can anyone recommend a low cost webhosting company that can provide me with the following ?

    * Apache web server with PHP4 or PHP5 support (PHP 4.4+ or any version of PHP5) with mysql, ctype and tokenizer extension installed.
    * One MySQL database (MySQL 4.1 or newer).

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    Lots of companies out there did you check the WHT offers section?

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    Most hosts support these spec.
    Do you have a budget?
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    You should be fine with most hosts with those specs. Have a look at the offers forum and see what takes your fancy

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    There is nothing abnormal with your requirements, and as many said, there are a lot who offers them.
    What are your other requirements?
    How much disk space and BW do you need and what is your budget?
    The best way to start will be from the offer section, but don't jump into conclusions before you do a good research about the hosts.
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