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Thread: Quick php Help

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    Quick php Help

    I'm working on a PHP project for a client but need to other stuff now so I need a php programmer for this project:
    I already started the work and almost 50% done, even though I only used Macromedia MX to do that,

    Description: Displaying fare for travel agencys public website. Backend,
    1. Allow travel agency to add/modify/delete fares(only 6 fields for fare) using admin panel.
    2. Also they want to post special fares their reseller. So depending on login user will see those special pricing.
    3. Admin can add/modify/delete users too.
    4. When visitor click on a fare it sends an email to client.(just passing fare para and other values to form)

    I have finished working on add/modify/delete for admin and displaying fares for users.
    Rest needs to be done ASAP.Since i'm not getting much so dont expect to pay u much.. oh, everything is on MySQL.

    pm me a quote or post your question here.. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
    I can pay using Paypal or check. Also I can give a good NT/Linux hosting plan free.. whichever way it works.


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    hi there

    hi there

    can finish the job in 2 days.

    send me the details.

    quote is 200 USD.

    certified linux administrator and php developer


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    You say this is for a client? How much are you getting paid for it?

    If you could email me this information then maybe I can do it for a portion of your fee. I can do this pretty fast (<6 hours I would think) but if you've used a program to do it I may have to rewrite some parts as I find hand-coding much easier.

    Please email [email protected] to discuss.

    Clook Internet -
    Fully managed UK based webhosting provider
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