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    Billing Period question

    With my billing provider i configured a package to be billed at the first of every month. So if they sign up on the 2nd would they be billed then or will they get a free month of service until the next first of the month comes. Or if they are billed on the signup date, what would happen if they signed up on the 31st. Whould they get billed twice or just one time? Thanks for reading.


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    depends on your billing provider...

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    This depends on your client/business needs. We do anniversary billing, meaning we bill on the anniversary date (2nd) of the customers account using the billing cycle (example month) they selected. In this case a client would be billed every month on the 2nd. If the customer signed up on the 31st you then take the next month and billing them on that date, if the month does not have 31 days then you bill them on the last day of the month (example 30). Then reset back to the 31st.

    Billing can be complicated and is very important to a business model. I would look at your needs and define a clear billing method for your clients then find the engine to do it. In our case it was easy, we built and programmed it ourselves .

    What provider do you use? You might want to call them and ask.
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