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    [For Hire] UK Linux Systems Administrator

    I'm looking to take on some System Administration contracts for general day to day helping as well as securing systems. This is for myself personally rather than any company I own/represent.

    Rates start from just $50/hour and some people will say, wow thats expensive but you are paying for someone with over a decade of experience with highlights including

    * Experience of Linux since RedHat 6 (Not Fedora but RedHat) as well as one of the first people in the UK getting an RHCE. Using Linux since version 1.3.xx (now on 2.6.xx)

    * Working for bluechip companies such as Compaq, Dec, SGI running supercomputers on a daily basis (100's of CPUs, Terabytes of RAM)

    * Working with cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin for many years and know them inside and out

    You might be able to get someone at 1/2 the price but they take twice as long. If you hire me you will get a professional, quick and complete job with someone who speaks fluent english. If you have something of interest please either PM myself or email [email protected] and I can give you MSN/AIM/Yahoo contact details
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