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    UK ISP Netweaver Warning + Any other good reliable Uk Hosts???

    Ive been with Netweaver for nearly 6 Months and all has been well until about a 2 Months ago when my site and others virtually ground to a halt without the usual explanation why.
    At first their support was great and if there was to be downtime they would inform you at the start and when they were finished but now they dont bother. Emails to support were answered the same day but now you are lucky to recieve a reply after 4 emails.

    I am warning others in the UK as reasonable priced hosts are very few and far between in this Country so you may be tempted to go with them.

    On a lighter note I am looking for UK reliable hosting around £50 - £75 a year for a small personally run Car enthusiast site so if anyone has any good reports pls email me.

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    I talked to the owner of Cadenet one time, hes seems like a nice guy and is pretty helpfull. I think its the best UK host I know of, or at least its the best that comes to my mind.

    Anyway, you would be better of signing up with paypal and getting a US host. You'll get more value for your money and I think the only support feature you would miss out on is phone support... (phone support isn't popular in UK hosts)

    Good luck.

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    It's a shame because I have always heard good reports about netweaver.

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    I also heard mainly good things about them, maybe they are just having a bit of a shaky period.

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    If you are looking for a UK based hosting plan, have a look at: You should find everything from basic plans to resellers plans. (all UK based)


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    I have a friend who is with netweaver... and it's true they have been excellent up until recently... but unfortunately they have really gone down in quality, support and speed lately... big style.... and it's a damn shame.

    Ste, you say your looking for a host around the £50 - £75 a year mark and with decent speed and features? well seem pretty good to me, I'm currently investigating them for my own domain... and hopefully I will most likely be signing up with them sometime this week.

    You might want to check them out too...

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    552 had some good reviews here a while ago.

    Do you particularly want UK based hosting?

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    I'd just like to add that I'm currently with Netweaver, and am also extremely disappointed with their more recent service.

    For the first ten months or so they were great - helpful, no problems, highly recommended.

    Then I received an e-mail stating that I needed to make payment again to them for the domain name. I was told that I had a full month to pay. 22 days later they pulled the plug and the site was suspended for three days.

    Allegedly, they were supposed to give out 60, 30, 10, and 1 day warnings of this. I received what I can only assume was the 30 day notice - and to the old e-mail address on the WHOIS database. Netweaver ask for updated e-mail addy's for contacting purposes, but when asked, they said they didn't use them!

    It was about that time that they started deleting daily logs. I'm not a very net savvy person - but I know the Webaliser, while a fun freebie, doesn't provide the intimate marketing info I need regarding site users, etc.

    I found Analog - and then while using discovered that Netweaver had removed all logs - they'd started a policy of removing all logs every few days. Apparently, some of the larger sites didn't like the space they took. So Netweaver decided that because these larger users were too incompetent to remove their logs as required, or to purchase the extra space for them, that instead us small-time users would instead have all our marketing information erased.

    And then there's the downtime. After resubscribing to Netweaver, I kept finding my site down for a couple of hours a time, a couple of times a week - not even FTP capabilities. When I contacted support they blamed it on my internet provider. Sorry, Netweaver, it may not be the greatest, but it works and your excuse doesn't wash.

    The worse thing about the range of problems - and all you hosting companies take note of this - was the lack of communication with myself as a customer. And the lack of responsibility. I could've accepted the suspension of my website as "just one of those things". Mistakes do happen. I can forgive the odd mistake from anyone. But never did Netweaver take responsibility for misinforming myself.

    And if they had communicated that downtime was inevitable, but that they were trying to address the issue, etc, I could have been happy. But instead, they absolved themselves of responsibility.

    And the issue of the logs - again, I could have been faily satisfied with a better customer care approach, instead of intimating that my site was worthless to them. Their inflexibility on the issue was and is pretty galling.

    Sowhy am I still with Netweaver? Simple answer is that I'm absolutely broke and can't afford to move. And the marketing demands are not urgent - at the moment.

    But bear that I will be transferring - soon enough.

    So there you go - my experience of Netweaver.


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    I have a friend who hosts with Netweaver, He say's support is pretty good but the uptime is awful, He is considering moving to another provider. I've always found Netwaver to be very rude and they dont seem to care much about there custromers. I had a few domain names with them, They let one expire without informing me it was up for renewal and now some guy in New Zealand owns it and doesnt even use it.

    I host all my uk accounts with KDAWebServices ( and i have to say it was a very wise move by going with them. Always on hand to help. I've been with them nearly 2 years and it's been awesome and not one bit of stress

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    i would say
    for a UK hosting company. They have BRILLIANT support.

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    Back on track with Netweaver...

    I was beginning to think they were alright again. Uptime was fine -no apparent problems.

    Then I watched the other night as my entire forum collapsed and important info completely disappeared.

    I was informed by YaBB that it looked like a server issue.

    The fact that there was no promised backup wasn't the problem.

    It was Netweaver's complete lack of responsibility.

    When I e-mailed support, they told me that they can't protect against accidental deletion by users.

    EXCUSE ME, but if anyone knows a command shortcut for erasing board categories and un CHMODing multiple folders in one simple go, then they are welcome to enlighten me.

    To my mind, it was a server issue, as told - nothing more, nothing less. At least they could acknowledge that. That I can accept.

    What I cannot accept is being told that their own blatant errors are not theirs, but mine!

    The only error I made was re-registering with them.

    By tonight, I should have a new account with Dixiesys. And tomorrow Netweaver will receive a demand for a refund for the remaining six months of my subscription.

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    I thought Cadenet went under? There was something on here about them not answering support or something? Tell me if im wrong


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    There is a few comments about them being closed down, but there site is still very much active.


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    Off subject sorry!!!

    Owww me no longer a newbie, time for some beers.


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    Re: Off subject sorry!!!

    Originally posted by Fanturex
    Owww me no longer a newbie, time for some beers.


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    Also had massive problems with Netweaver both with the quality but mostly because what they said just couldn’t be trusted. They're a complete shambles.

    The website I run for a group of charities disappeared 3 days ago without explanation for the second time. After ignoring my emails and phone-calls for 3 days I finally got an email after posting to a newsgroup.

    They said the site had been deliberately removed due to problems with the renewal. In fact any problems were entirely of their making and certainly not of ours. I find the behaviour of these people quite amazing.

    The back ground was that earlier this year John Molineax who runs Netweaver contacted me to say that to due to the charitable nature of the site which had a large number of visitors (over 2000 a day) they would be willing to host the site for free in return for a link to the Netweaver site. We arranged for a link to be placed on almost every page and agreed the arrangement with Molineax.

    But some months later, when the hosting actually came up for renewal and we'd expected the free hosting promised, without any warning found that the site had gone. When we contacted him, he said they had changed their minds. At no point had he informed us of his change of mind.

    He now asked for payment for the full year for their most expensive package. The service had been dire including constant foul-ups that we tolerated because of the deal we’d struck but because we’d been taken by surprise we didn’t have much option.

    He then said that they would allow us two months, but to be charged at twice their normal rate for that package, at the end of which they would contact me for payment for the full year. The following day the website disappeared again but was later reinstated I asked to be allowed to pay for six months immediately as their website claims to allow rather than pay almost as much for 2 months but he refused saying that split payments were not allowed on renewals. His website doesn't state that. Nor would his website allow me to make an automated payment.

    At the end of the two month period, this week, neither Molineax nor Netweaver had contacted me as promised. Instead our website again disappeared. It seems that Netweaver change their minds on a day to day basis or simply don't know what they are doing.

    Now after waiting 3 days and following my posting to a ng, they tell us they won't let us renew our hosting. None of our email is being forwarded to us and I can't access the control panel to manage email forwarding. They’ve totally screwed us for a second time.

    Anyone considering hosting a site with Molineax’s outfit should be aware of just what they might be in for at some point.

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    Good servers and support. Big data centre in Nottingham, but they're starting to provide hosts in London now, although new starters may not be able to be in the London data centre.

    Server failure on my nottingham server only twice. Last uptime was over 430 days, and they effected the reboot within a few minutes of making the request via their control panel.

    Probably not the cheapest, but as I've basically had no problems in well over a year I can't complain at all.

    Entry level servers at £74.99 ex vat a month (128MB ram, 40GB disc, dedicated 10Mb link to switch port), but that should be contrasted with RackShack at a similar price in dollars, with bigger disk, 400GB/month transfer, and 512MB ram.
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