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    * Looking for a new ded provider.

    Hello all,

    I'm new on this forum, but not new to dedicated servers. I'm currently with FDC and after several problems with them, I think I need to find a new provider to save my sanity!

    I'm beyond shocked as to how unprofessional this place is, how badly they treat their customers, how they screw up your box and then blame it on the customer and then refuse to fix it and you are left with NO access to your box. *shaking head* I cannot say anything good about them AT all.

    Close to a year ago, I purchased a dedicated box from them on a special. The following month without notice they hiked my cost up $40 and then claimed they have the right to increase pricing without notice. Gee, then why the heck even have a special? Bring in suckers like me I'm sure. Then they took over a month setting up my box, I had numerous issues with them screwing things up, the wrong OS installed, to my Cpanel license was invalid, then issuing IP's to my box and then issuing them to someone else the next day while blaming me. How it was my fault, I'll never figure that one out.

    The latest fiasco is.. I received notice on the 19th (iirc) that they were going to do something or another and service would be interupted shortly.. well my box went down and it's STILL down! I had to leave town for a few days so granted that was my fault but, I've been at it with them now for over 4 hrs. My main IP is now gone. I cannot SSH into my box at all. Cpanel states my license is invalid, so I had them check that, they claim it's my firewall stopping things, duh! my firewall isnt' even up, I had to have them reboot my box and my firewall is manual start. SSH cannot read any IP, so I'm figuring it isn't up. But, lol gee, I can FTP into a few accounts that I have stored. Then I find out in the last email from them, that they registered my NS1 IP, as my Cpanel license and stated I told them to do that today. Um, no I didn't tell them to do that at all. I stated that IP was the IP I had set as to my box and that it didn't work. Apparently, they can't read either.

    So.. sorry for the gripe, but I'm tired of giving them my hard-earned money for nothing but a hassle and being blamed for things I didn't tell them to do.

    I'd like to find out if anyone can recommend a comp host. One that offers simular features at around the same price? I'm not a mega-millionaire, and basically have a dedicated box for a few dedicated forums and I'm selling a bit of space on the box to offset the costs. I have about $150 a month to spend if that right now.

    I'm looking for a dedicated box on a 100mbit line, needing over 1TBit a month in BW (was getting 3.4T at FDC) need 250gig HD, 1-2G RAM. Free CPanel license, Fantastico, RVSkin and the one for Shoutcast (forget the name now) also need it behind a DDOS firewall and allowed to run IRC servers if needed. (mostly wouldn't be open to selling but running for private usage).

    Thanks for any help and any comments are appreciated. If someone from FDC reads this, perhaps you can tell me why I'm being treated as such and find out why my box is the way it is and not being fixed properly or promptly.


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    Sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience. I am constantly amazed at how some people treat their customers.

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    Yeah, that is the way FDC do :-)

    We have 1 client that has a server with them and they keep on blaming that it is our kernel that caused the problem and later realized that it is a problem with their keyboard :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pirouette View Post
    If someone from FDC reads this, perhaps you can tell me why I'm being treated as such and find out why my box is the way it is and not being fixed properly or promptly.

    I`ll be more than happy to look into this for you an give you explanation, just PM your client id #

    As for some of the parts of your "horror" story I can say right now they are misrepresented but I can not comment on everything until I know who you are and check your ticket history.

    Here are some things I can comment about

    #1 price hike - it is not true our customers were not notified and there was no $40 price hike. All of our customers were notified about all price increases via email and also posts were made on our forums at least one month in advance.
    There was one increase for $10 announced here

    and another one here for $20

    I am not sure how that adds up to $40

    #2 the maintenance we announced for January 19th was a network maintenance that required a router reboot. There was about 5 minute of network downtime. I don`t see how that would cause your server to go offline unless you had your server misconfigured somehow or it went down for a totally different reason. If there was a server affecting outage on that date you`d see fairly large post about it on this forum

    I am sorry you you were not happy with our service but I am not also sure why would you torture your self with our service for 12 months if it so bad.
    All of our accounts are month to and people can come and go as they please

    Please let me know your client id# and I`ll be happy to check on your tickets
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    Check the offers page: and then check around for reviews on the ones that come close to your needs and price.
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