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    Looking for hosting replacement with PgSQL

    During development of the new version of one of our major sites, MySQL has shown its weaknesses in terms of a lack of foreign keys and referential integrity measures.

    As our current hosting solution isn't interested in adding PgSQL support to their service, we're shopping around for a new host.

    Our current setup is's UNIX Standard plan:

    - 350 MB of Webspace.
    - 25GB bandwidth
    - MySQL (5DB)
    - Web Access, Error Logs & FTP Log Files.
    - 100 POP3 E-mail Accounts.
    - Unlimited E-mail Autoreponders & Forwarders.
    - Telnet and SSH 1/2 Access.
    - HTTP-Analyze Site Statistics & Counters.
    - Secure Server (SSL) Access.
    - Perl & PHP Scripting, Custom Error Pages.

    We're looking to maintain or improve upon these basic requirements. The generated site statistics are important, as we use them to brief our clients on a monthly basis. We don't really need MySQL DBs, but that'd be ideal.

    And, of course, we need PostgreSQL support (at least five DBs).

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Dan Wright

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    I can recommend these host (I have accounts with both):

    Both companies offer PostgreSQL and both use the H-Sphere control panel (Much better than Cpanel).

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    Hi Dan, I happen to offer it only to special clients that have the need for it because it's required for a mission critical application of one of my clients and I have to get there athorization before I let other aaplication share the cpu.

    can I ask what you are developing ?


    p.s. please reply by private message.
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