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    Have email need to find the person

    I need help badly!

    An email was sent to a person from my account, but I haven't sent the email!!!

    But the email was not delivered and bounced back to my email inbox with failure notice.

    The email is written as if it is sent by me, but making me look bad.

    I only have the email address the email is meant to be sent to.

    How do I investigate this further?

    First I want to find out who owns the email address the email is meant for, are there any search engine looking up a person based on email.

    Suggestions please

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    So someone sent a forged email. There should be some good information in the headers. Have you looked at the full headers yet? If you want to PM them to me I'd be happy to take a look for you.

    As for who owns the address...thats tougher and I don't really know of any search engines.
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    Hi I need further help.

    I have change headings options to advance and can now see the ip addresses. How do I check the origin of the ip addresses? What I want to do is to track the ip address back to the owner (machine) or at least the ip provider.

    Thank you

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    Paste the headers here and we can help.

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    Go to and do a whois on the IP
    If that IP in Asia PAcific or Europe arin will tell you that also

    Also do a search in spamcop if that IP is blacklisted

    Secondly email sent from an IP cannot alone be an evidence of that IP owner's guilt. May be some one spammed thru their server
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    Was it a big file by any chance? I get a lot of those because the klez virus, when it is sending out, puts random people from the address book (of whoever has the virus) in the from field, so it only looks like it comes from you.

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