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Thread: ZTMC, INC.?

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    Question ZTMC, INC.?

    Hope it's the right forum to post this question. I've been contacted by a marketing company called ZTMC, INC. who is interested in advertising on my site. Their site:

    Have you ever heard of it?
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    Ditto.. just got one from them as well.. signed by Gary M.

    Anyone have any thoughts on or experience with this co.?

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    I've received about 6 of these over the last few days. I'd suggesting Googling that name, since when I did so there were tons of people complaining that it killed thier SEO. They offer good money to place ads, then wind up destroying pagerank on the sites they advertise on....

    Interesting. I just searched again and can't find any of the negative things I found a few days ago. All of it completely gone. Weird.
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