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    Lightbulb Can anyone recommend me a good MySQL database host, please?

    Ok, I currently have my forum hosted with downtownhost. Now, I want to host the MySQL database for my forum remotely, or in simpler words; somewhere else. I think it's called "remote database hosting"?

    I'm not sure. Anyways, my forum is running on IPB 2.3.4 (latest version) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a secure/reliable database host?

    I've tried searching "mysql database hosting" on Google, but haven't had much luck finding sites that specifically host databases, or is there no such thing?

    Any advice & help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    I am assuming you are on a shared account with downtownhost? Having a remote database in this situation would be bad. First the other company will have to open a remote port and 2nd the speed is going to be horrible as they have communicate back and forth if you were to get the port opened.

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    Hmm.. that doesn't sound too good.

    The reason why I considered hosting the database remotely is because of security. I'm not sure why, but I just keep thinking that hosting it remotely would make it more secure from hackers.

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    It won't make it more secure. They're connected so if someone does get into your forum they can do anything to the database. Of course if you are not on a shared system you have other options for backup and such. But when its shared you can't really do much.

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    Hosting your database off-server is only recommended if you have REAL fast connections, i.e. the server is next to your machine and can communicate over a 1gb network or fiber channels.

    It would not make your database more secure, it would probably only give you more resources (cpu/memory) for your database.

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    Perhaps it would be a better option to upgrade to a VPS or even a dedicated server if you want your database to run faster.

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