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    Looking for a similar deal or better

    Hey all,
    Looking for a new server. Have to be outside USA, 99% visitors is Europe. Running out of resources with current configuration. So I got this offer from one company already:
    Athlon 5600 Dual Core
    2 GB RAM
    2x400GB HDD (Sata II)
    $145 setup + $72/month

    If anyone can suggest something better or similar, I would really appreciate it. The reason I'm trying to find an alternative, is beacause there is no email support on the weekend, which kinda sucks in case of a server failer or something.

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    Uhh, that's a pretty dang good machine... and you want a better price than $72 a month?

    I'm sorry, but if this was my own personal box, I wouldn't charge any less than $250 for it.

    Must be a reason why it's so cheap (the reason lies within your last sentence).

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    That's pretty cheap, you won't find a cheaper one than that. As Douglas said, there must be a reason why it's so cheap.
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    it's actually very reputable company.
    the problem is bandwidth - 500gb/mo, and extra is very expensive.

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    If you do not need more than 500GB BW, go for it.

    The price is really good already.

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