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    * How to combat mass-proxy attacks?

    Lately my site has been under siege mass proxy attacks, using up high amounts of bandwidth. I've been checking for them every 2 hours and banning them as I see them (including all subnets) but they keep getting more. They continually loaded large images on my site, so I changed the URL's of them, then they gave up and just started mass-loading the front page (which was 51kb) so I changed the design of the front page to take it down to 13kb (although now it looks ****ty). Anyways, does anyone have suggestions as to how to combat them? Like is there any program out there that works with cpanel to auto-ban IP's right away which mass-request files, or something like that? Obviously I can't be on 24/7... any suggestions would be helpful.


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    contact the abuse dept of the proxies...
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