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    Hello WHT,

    I once had a VPS with FutureHosting for MoltenHost, my old company. After things didn't work out I decided to close my account with them. However, after getting organized again and building up my funds, I decided to reopen things (I think things through this time), thus you get Surreal Servers.

    So far I have had two pages of submitted tickets for my VPS. The amazing thing is that their support representatives reply to the ticket and have my problem fixed within a half hour (usually - the longest I've waited is 2 hours for cPanel re-installation).

    I love FutureHosting and would recommend them to anyone that needs an affordable and effecient VPS.

    Thanks FutureHosting!

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    Glad to hear!

    I was worried by the icon next to the thread title, but glad to see it's all good.
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    Good luck this time John.

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    I AGREE! They have been great to us as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJ View Post
    So far I have had two pages of submitted tickets for my VPS.
    Just curious, as I am currently looking for a VPS provider and Futurehosting is coming highly recommended, why the need for 2 pages of support tickets?

    I'm looking for a company that will make the transition really smooth and I want to avoid as many problems as possible. Did you have a lot of problems with your setup?


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    I've had a VPS with Future Host for about a week now and the handling of the support tickets is the same for me, about 30 minutes and all within 2 hours. I really liked the server hardening that comes standard with each VPS setup.

    So far so good We'll see in the next week or so as the sites go live on the new VPS.

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    A lot of tickets doesn't mean hosting issues. I don't know about JohnJ but I've opened a fair number of tickets with Futurehosting to have things installed (like eaccelerator), get advice, or fix something I messed up, all were handled quickly and to my satisfaction.

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    Hooray i am going to register with FH Team..

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    Ive had a VPS from FH for 13-14months, i always recommend them to who wants to get a VPS.

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    Had a vps for 6 months.No complaints but had to move to dedicated due to the site growth.
    Got another vps for a new project.Really pleased with the support and the network.
    Thumbs up for FH
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    Glad to see things working out for you
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    Nothing to say about their great support.

    But I've been experiencing recurrent freezes (up to 2 minutes) because of their disk subsystem.
    I have to say CPU and RAM technology have increased much more than hard drive performance (not capacity) these years, and it is often the bottleneck in VPSes.
    Hosting companies choose huge machines and put a lot of people in it. They should use smaller machines or use several disks.
    The key is the number of people per disk...

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    What location is it at? I was periodically having something like that on an older VPS in Dallas but recently moved to a newer one in their Chicago location. It seems ok so far however I'm currently only using it as a failover backup, my primary is with a different provider.

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    Could anyone share the website address for FutureHosting? I'd love to take a look at their plans. Do they have any on-going promotions here at WHT?

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    Yea i had a vps there also good choice!

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