Since 2001, Spurvus has been offering affordable, high-quality hosting plans. We now offer both shared and reseller hosting, and all of our plans include everything you need to build a great site.

Shared Hosting
Each Spurvus shared hosting package includes all of the tools and resources you need to run a successful Internet site. And if you ever have questions, our knowledgeable technical support staff is available to help you with any problems you may have. Plans start at just $4.95/month, and have up to 500MB of storage and 10GB of monthly transfer!

Reseller Hosting
Host multiple domains under one hosting account or start your own hosting business with Spurvus reseller hosting! You can host UNLIMITED domains under one reseller account. Order a large amount of storage space and transfer, and then sell smaller portions of this space to your customers. You provide billing and support for your customers, and we maintain the hosting service. Customers will never know that you're a reseller! Plans start at just $35/month, and have up to 8GB of storage and 80GB of monthly transfer!

Questions about our services? Reply to this post, send me a PM, or send us a message through our contact page.

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