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    I'm sick and tired of searching...

    Can the more experienced people here kindly suggest an appropriate hosting suitable for my needs ?

    1. ASP.Net 2.0, WebServices, medium trust mode
    3. SQL 2005 (express edition is fine ~200mb)
    4. Ability to host custom DLL's (simple windows dlls, not COM dlls)

    absolute priority:
    1. High uptimes and speeds
    2. ~50 - 60GB bandwidth per month
    3. Lots of disk space (min 15 GB, but the more the better like 200 - 300 GB - I intend to store very hi-resolution images, but they would be accessed relatively less frequently)

    Budget : ~ $250/yr (am somewhat flexible on this)

    and yes, I've gone through the offers sections.

    I'm sick and tired of searching the right hosting company and I'm really hoping to get some answers here If the experts here can at least suggest the "generally recommended" and the "stay away from" ones, that would be a start...

    Thanks !
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    You will need a dedicated server or VPS , I don't think you will find hosts that will allow you to register DLL's and give you up to 300GB of disk space in shared hosting.
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    Sounds like you need a VPS. You could get one with about 20GB space probably for the $40/month mark.

    A dedicated server would be the best bet if you require 300GB. Then you're looking at more like $100/month.

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    No wonder your fedup. You won't find what you are looking for in a shared hosting plan. If you have your own VPS / Dedicted Server you can install your own DLL's and MSSQL Express. You may also be able to resell the VPS / Dedicated Server to help fund this.

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    One clarification here...

    Its not a COM DLL I would like to install... it does NOT need to be registered. My code can directly reference it pretty much like a .net dll

    It seems clustered hosting at seems reasonable to begin with (40 GB space, 50 GB bandwidth, etc.) I've sent them an email asking for detailed features supported by them especially web services, medium/full trust (ability to make HTTP calls to other domains, etc) hopefully I'll get a positive response soon.

    Thanks all for your feedback !

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    You should get a VPS for yourself where you get full OS control and freedom to install/register software/dlls/framework/etc.

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    There are some good folks here at WHT that I see recommended often. I think your budget may be a little low for a quality provider. I'm not saying you will not find what you are looking for in your budget, but a tad low imho.

    Good luck w/ your search and best wishes!

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