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    * list of eNom resellers

    Hello to all.
    I want to make a list of all eNom resellers.
    I give this list to my customers (i host more that 250 domains in Greece).
    I not want money to put a reseller to this list. It is free. Simple i want to help my customers.
    Also this list it is posted in my site and also in 2 medium to large portals in Greece.
    If you are eNom reseller please send to me your link and i can put you for free.
    Also if you are not reseller but know some resellers please inform me.


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    where is your website? Id like to see the list!

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    You realise that eNom states there are over 6500 resellers. This does not include sub-resellers...

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    Please PM or email your links directly to the thread starter. Not sure why you'd want to list more than a few, as 100's would just confuse your clients (too many choices). Might as well just become resellers yourself? - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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