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    Upgrade to php version 5

    Someone familiar with server software upgrade, please help. I want upgrade from php 4 to php version 5.

    My server not running with cpanel or anything. Just apache, php and mysql!


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    You will need to re-compile PHP from source. Howto, you can check on site. Remember to check current phpinfo() before compiling, so you can know which options you want to include

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    * First put a phpinfo page in one of your site and save the configuration listed in the phpinfo page



    * Download the source

    * Untar it

    * ./configure --< with options got from the old phpinfo page >

    * Make

    * make Install

    * Just go to /usr/local/apache/libexec or module folder and see if a new file with the name is there or not.

    * If the file is there then go to below steps

    * Restart Apache

    I feel everything should be working now. Test it

    I hope this info is of some help to you.
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    If you have PHP installed from standard packages then it could be simply upgraded with help of 'yum' or 'apt-get' depending on OS which you have. If you need exactly information I agree with "servertechs" you should provide OS, PHP, mysql and apache versions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elcidvn View Post
    My server not running with cpanel or anything. Just apache, php and mysql!
    How did you install the php4 earlier?
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    Php version 5.1.6
    MySql 5.0.22
    Apache 20051115

    So I want update to php version 5.2.5 because some XML coding not running on my old php version.

    Please help. Thanks

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    I know you can add some custom repo in yum.conf so that you can just do a "yum update" but I am not completely sure you can get 5.2.5 that way.

    The one sure way to do is to do a compile. That is probably the way you need to go and one which most people here recommend.

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    If you're using an older version of redhat, you're probably not going to be able to use 'yum' to update (or up2date) to php5.

    If you're using redhat itself, you probably won't be able to update to 5.2.5 as they do their own junk to releases, call them something else, and many times just don't update to the 'latest stable' in time.

    The best response? Remove the rpms (if you're using them), download, compile, and install. Of course if you're using RPMS, you'll haave to download, compile and install apache too.
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