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    Nagios vs. Centreon

    We are currently using Nagios and really liking it! But ran across Centreon which is apparently based on the Nagios core. Any one have any experience with it? Any pro and/or cons of either system?

    Also from a desktop monitoring standpoint, anyone have a preference to monitor software? A1Monitor vs. PortSensor or is there another one you would recommend. This is all for monitoring Linux boxes and looking at systems/software that provides alert notifications.

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    We used Nagios/Oreon to monitor our systems at the hospital. Oreon became Centreon. Nagios/Centreon are great together. Centreon adds a nice gui to Nagios. Most things are written in French so it made the learning curve a little steeper. You can use nmap to discover your devices for configuring in Nagios. Then create some scripts to give disk space info, etc.

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    We also used Nagios to monitor our servers and are implementing Cacti but I personally prefer SmokePing to check network performance and to compare providers.
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