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About oDesktop

oDesktop is the online desktop for you to run any of the web-based applications that includes: oDrive, oPhoto, oMusic, oNetwork, oEmail, oNews and oGames from the comfort of your home, office or whenever you are on the move.

oDrive Your online web drive. Safely upload (or download) photo, data or music files online for quick and easy access at any time and from anywhere in the world. Folders or files could be uploaded individually or in multiples regardless of file size.

oPhoto Create your personal photo albums to share with friends, or edit them using the built-in photo editor. All the photos can be uploaded directly from your digital camera and they will be optimized automatically to give you best viewing experience or email to friends at smaller file size.

oMusic Upload MP3 songs and share your favourite music amongst your friends over the network. Play and listen to the songs directly without the need to download.

oNetwork Featuring Web Group that allows different web hosts to network or collaborate with all the oDesktop users. Simply invite friends and colleagues to join your network for file sharing and communication.

oEmail An alternative to your PC email software. Check your POP emails anytime, anywhere and never lose access to your emails and address book even you are without your laptop.

oNews Whenever you are free, access to any PC and go online to read your latest news. Subscribe to more RSS news feed of your interests.

oGames Never forget to click and play some fun games whenever you are bored. It's a good way to sneak away from your piles of work and stress.