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    Elas - Just another stupid idea from my head?

    I got a small webstore where I sell some Mac/iPod/Apple accessories, and as Iīve always been different with a "unique" humor I have come up with the idea about the elas (=sale backwards). The idea with the elas would be to increase the prices (but not by much) and in this way get some attention toward my store. As this store is just a hobby I donīt have too much money for marketing, so I would be hoping that if I did this it could bring some curious people to the store.

    I got a feeling this would be a stupid idea to do, but I do try to market myself as a little different from the rest and mainly by selling products others donīt sell or by selling the same products cheaper.

    PS: Excuse my poor english as Iīve never been a good with languages and the fact that Iīm Norwegian.
    Too different to be awesome.

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    1. Your language is fine

    I don't know if raising the prices will work. I do believe you are thinking in the right direction, but I for one would rather pay $16.00 at one store than $18.00 at another

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