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    iiPanel Review - 6 Months

    Hey Everyone.

    I've been with for 6 months now, and this is my review of them.

    I also wrote a review for WireNine awhile ago, and I don't want this to effect them. I am still with them, and still think they are a great host. But about 6 months ago I needed to a host for abunch of domains, and WireNine only allows a few addons. So I could either pay $3.95 a month to make that unlimited, or find a host for about the same and also get additional space and bandwidth, so that's what I did.

    The Search:
    So I started to search for a host that was around $4 or 5 dollars a month, and offered unlimited addon domains and at least 1 Gig Space and 20 Gigs Bandwidth.
    I wasn't really going to be hosting a forum, or anything really that important, just various sites and mini-sites I had, and was going to create. I wanted alright reliability, but didn't care if it was 99.9%, just as long as it was usually on. And didn't care if the support was great. One thing I did want was a host that was in business for at least a year, since I didn't want it stopping suddenly, and me having to find a new host and move all my files over.

    Well, I went to the Shared Hosting Offers here, and looked for the ones that were in my price limit and offered what I needed. I ended up going with iiPanel. They seemed like a good choice, had been around for a couple years, started on a VPS and did good, so they've moved up to full fledged servers. I liked that, showed they obviously had access to their servers and new what they were doing to be around for this long.
    So I signed up for the iismall plan, and my account was all setup very soon.

    One thing that is great about iipanel is unlimited everything, addon domains, mysql databases, ftp, email, etc. Only thing different about their packages is the price and space and bandwidth.
    Features: 10/10

    From the get go it has always been very fast. I've found it faster than WireNine, and ICDSoft who I was also with. Very happy about that. Not sure if that's just because I'm closer to their server though. But very nice to have.
    FTP Speeds are nice and fast as well, at start they usually go to 70kb and then 80kb range right away, then a few seconds later in the 90's. I'm uploading a file as I type this, it got to 99kb right away, around 10 seconds or so. I've found iipanel to be one of the fastest FTP Speeds I've ever used, faster than WireNine, ICDSoft as I recall, and various others.
    Speed: 10/10

    Pretty good reliability. There have been some downtimes. When I first signed up there was something that brought the server down for a bit, and then a couple weeks later some other issue. I think it might have just been some bad-luck with the server though, as they moved my account over to a different server, offered a months free hosting , and it has been great ever since. There will be some random occasional downtime every few months or so, for an hour or so. I usually don't notice.
    But my sites really are up all the time. It does have really good uptime. It's just compared with WireNine where I get maybe one downtime every 6 months, to one downtime every 3 or so months with iipanel. Still really good, and for the price, just amazing. (It's just hard for any host to compete with WireNine's reliability.)
    I'm more than happy with the reliability and uptime and iipanel.
    Reliability/Uptime: 8/10

    I just want to mention this, as some may be wondering at this point why I don't just leave WireNine and go to iipanel exclusively. Well iipanel does backups every 3-5 days, and WireNine every night. Toppled on the fact that WireNine is a bit more reliable. I keep my main site and forum at WireNine. But my other sites, where I really don't need daily backups or amazing reliability, I use iipanel. (I just want to stress that iipanel does have great reliability, it's just WireNine's is so good, it's hard for anyone to compete with.) Now back to the review.

    Now here is a category I was just blown away in. I come to this host, paying $3.95 a month for 3Gigs Space and 50Gigs BW, and unlimited extras, and I expect alright support. Maybe 12 hours or more reply times. What I get is just AMAZING! I always get very fast and knowledged replies. Response times are usually always within a half hour or hour. I've never had to wait for more than a few hours, and that was RARE. And the support team is very nice and polite as well.
    I have been VERY pleased, happy, and surprised by how good the response is. Faster than WireNine even, which is pretty fast.
    Support: 9/10

    Prices for what you get:
    Wow, there prices for what you get are pretty unbeatable I'd say.
    $3.95 a month for 3 Gigs Space and 50 Gigs BW with unlimited extras, and just another $2 a month to double that, and another $2 to double that plan.
    When you consider that, their amazing support, and great reliability, they should really be a big player in hosting. Which is why I'm surprised I haven't really seen much talk or reviews on them.
    Prices for what you get: 9.5/10

    Overall I am very, very happy with iiPanel. I wasn't sure when I signed up with them, I thought I might have to bounce from host to host before I found a decent one for cheap, and what I got was a host WAY better than I was expecting. Amazing Support, Great Uptime, and Great Features for the Price.
    So if you are considering them, I'd say go for it, you won't be frustrated and upset by tons of downtime and horrible support. You'll get a great host.
    Overall: 9/10

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    So let me start off asking what domain you actually host with them ?

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    I host a few with them. is one of them. I can list more if you or anyone wants.

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    Thanks for taking your time and making a long review about them. Do you have any information regarding their speed for serving dynamic contant (like php) and mysql-driven data?
    -Mr Bister

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbister View Post
    Thanks for taking your time and making a long review about them. Do you have any information regarding their speed for serving dynamic contant (like php) and mysql-driven data?
    Yes, PHP and MySQL all work great on their server. I've setup SMF Forum, WordPress, and moved over a Joomla Account when I started. Always runs fast, and perfectly. And I've used Fantastico to install Joomla and it worked fine, and manually installed WordPress and SMF and it installed flawlessly.
    And for just PHP without MySQL, CuteNews and MiniGal both installed and work great. It all runs very fast like the sites. But again, that may just be because I;m closer to the server than others, not sure. I don't think I've done anything with CGI/Perl there, so I can't really vouche for it, but I'm sure it would run fine.

    And not sure if Flash is ever grouped along the lines, but I have a couple sites where I have Flash Video of Game Walkthroughs, around 1 to 5 megs in size, and I use the JW Flash Media Player at and it plays the videos and runs really nice. Which is something I do want, it to load up a percentage of the video and start playing soon, which it does.

    So yes, if you need to run PHP/MySQL or flash content, iipanel will do it fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slushie View Post
    I host a few with them. is one of them. I can list more if you or anyone wants.
    Nice site and domain. Glad to see you like your hosting situation.

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    Thanks for nice feedback, we will continue doing our best!

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    Cool site I thought I was on the wrong site when I saw the uhh.. yeah.

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