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    Request for hosting suggestions

    Hi, Let me start by saying I am new to dedicated hosting/server management and to thank you in advance for your time any assistance.

    We are launching a new website Trick Pirates com March 1, 2008. The site is currently hosted on a Go Daddy shared account. The site is live but not advertised and we have already experienced slow downs, devastating for streaming media. So we are looking into going with a more robust hosting solution.

    The big question is what do we need for launch dedicated vs vds, managed vs unmanaged vs unmanaged + server management (ie PSM), Windows vs Linux, Control Panels?, Processor, Bandwidth, RAM

    About US
    Site Built on PHP with MySQL
    Streaming Video
    Payflow / PayPal Pro
    Owners have experience as Windows Helpdesk personnel
    Budget - Low we are a start-up funded out of our limited pockets
    Most important - Minimal Slowdowns

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for any suggestions.


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    might start your search in the VPS offers forum.
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    A lot of what you are asking for really depends on your budget.
    If you could let us know a rough range we would be able to give you a closer recommendation for your hardware. Remember, you can always upgrade RAM, Bandwidth, ect. as your site grows. Also, if you are to go with a managed solution, you will be looking to pay more and that might push you out of your budget as well.

    As far as an OS, if you or your people are comfortable with Windows, run it.

    But I would definitely go with a dedicated opposed to a VPS.
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    VPS - Generally not enough HardDrive

    I like the price and idea of the VPS but most plans do not offer enough hdd. Would dedicated 512 ram be enough?

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    Really its a trade of food vs server budget but we thought we could get away with about $100 a month?

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    If you're new to Linux, I would start with a fully managed VPS. I'd look for a company that you can grown from a VPS to a fully managed dedicated server, without having to switch hosts, IP's, etc...

    ServInt provides top of the line service for their fully managed VPS's and Dedicated Servers.

    You also cant go wrong with LiquidWeb. LiquidWeb is fully managed as well.

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    What does managed hosting do? Our biggest concern is the migration fro Go Daddy and setting up the server? Will they help with this?

    After the migration... what is involved in the day to day or month to month management?

    Thank you again....sorry for the simple questions / redundant but I am not sure where else to turn....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickPirate View Post
    Really its a trade of food vs server budget but we thought we could get away with about $100 a month?
    I suggest you an entry level W2K3 server from Softlayer. Expect to pay $129/month (check the Specials section)
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    do you want to stream the videos with this server? or just hosting the website ??

    I hosted a website with godaddy and i never faced any downtimes with them. as you said, the website is new. so i guess you don't need a dedicated server at this time. i guess... you can start with a VPS solution or a good shared account is the better way. purchase a good shared account for your website and host your video files somewhere else like servage or any other host who allow to host the multimedia files. you can reduce a good amount with this solution. i am already running something like this. anyway best of luck with your search.

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