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    Who are using dreamhost?

    Is there any one who use dreamhost services?
    Could you please say the address of your site which is hosted by Dreamhost?
    I want to check the quality of surfing your website and spead of downloading pages.
    In advance, I appreciate you for this cooperation.

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    Try doing a search, they have a lot of customers so you will find plenty of web sites to view and tons of reviews as well

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    If you do a quick search in this forum, you will be able to see a lot of reviews about them.
    But positive and negatives ones, but I think positive reviews are more. If you are looking for an overselling business model, I guess they are worth to give a shot.
    By the way, shall I ask you about your requirements?
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    I am sure DreamHost can provide a URL for you to test on as well if neccessary.

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    I am a Dreamhost customer, and LOVE them other than the slight lag in MySQL loading.

    I would suggest you go to Dreamhost's own forum and request example sites, as I'm sure several users there would be willing to share.

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    Here's an URL you can test, LOL:
    I'm a happy Dreamhost customer as well
    openSUSE user

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    Hi, rowshan,
    You may want to take a look at the following link:

    That are good sites hosted at DH.

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    Dear all friends,
    Thanks for your good comments.
    I checked the reviews by searching. Also i check some website which are hosted by dreamhost.
    I think it's better to use other hosts with better performance and of course more limits.

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