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    On it states the following:

    Hello WebHostingTalk Members!

    After much discussion, we have reached a decision regarding the proposed pay-per-post system that 35.21% of active members endorse. Beginning May 1 2006, WebHostingTalk will become a pay-per-post community.

    All threads will require a fifty cent payment before they are displayed. All posts will require a five cent payment before they are displayed. When you click the Submit button, after writing your text, you will be prompted to have payment deducted from your paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account, you can get one at

    We feel this new system will be an easy transition for all members and greatly improve the quality of posts, while keeping WebHostingTalk accessible to all.

    Further, you will always have the option of enhancing your posts' or threads' position by paying more than the minimum. Want your thread to display above others? Simply bid more for placement. If/when you are outbid, you will receive notification and be presented the opportunity to counter. Any previously paid amount (for the same post/thread) will be included in your new bid. That means that, if you bid $5 for your thread and someone beat your position by bidding $6, you will only need to pay an additional $2 to make your total $7 and regaining your position.
    I think I missed this April Fools joke, but why is that there? Wasn't there one for 2007. Looks like an old backup has been restored?

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    Good idea.

    But $0.50 is too much, $0.05 sounds better.

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    If WHT really did do this they would have gotten $119.25 from me alone

    114 * 0.5 = $57
    1245 * 0.05 = $62.25
    Total = $119.25

    EDIT: I quickly did SWR's posts too and that would have totaled: $1,003.4 !
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    why does this thread exist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ub3r View Post
    why does this thread exist?

    Why not? He had a valid question, even if you do not think so. Opinions are like......
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    apfoo.php ..........

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    think if WHT did charge then most if not all bar premiuem memebers would just go some where else. after all theirs plently more host related forums on the web

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    I want monies... Why can't I have monies? I could be making $0.50 for this post... pfft...
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