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    Thumbs up Munich Colocation starting at 29,99 Euros per server all inclusive!

    Since July 2007, is able to offer housing/colocation in their own datacenter in Munich (click here), Germany. As with our other products, we strive to offer the best quality at the best price possible.

    Our new office rooms are located directly above the datacenter which allows us to provide even faster response times for your colocated servers.

    All of our colocation offers include the following services:

    • Location: Munich, Germany
    • Emergency power supply: UPS, battery cabinets
    • Burglary protection: Windowless room, reception / security staff on site even at night, access to the building only with ID-cards, access to the datafloor only with a seperate key.
    • Air conditioning: Redundant conditioning system
    • Live webcam: 24/7
    • Reboots: Unlimited, daily, free of charge
    • Remote hands / upgrades: In order to improve the operation of your colocated servers even more, you can choose from a multitude of upgrades during the order process. These include: Webresetter-access (enables you to reboot your server at any time), automatic reinstall system, priority/emergency support, etc..
    • Personnel on site: 365 days per year

    In order to give our customers more flexibility, the colocation-offers are split into two modules:

    • the housing space for your server(s)
    • the bandwidth you want to use with your server(s)

    GIGA housing space offers:

    1 server (rack / tower):
    1 U/ tower space
    100 watts power consumption included
    1 IP included for your server
    monthly payment interval
    setup fee: 29,99 EUR one-time
    only 29,99 EUR per month!

    5 servers (rack / tower):
    5 U/ tower space
    500 watts power consumption included
    10 IPs included for your server
    webresetter-interface for all servers included (reboot your servers from outside and send real keyboard-commands to them)
    monthly payment interval
    setup fee: 144,95 EUR one-time
    only 144,95 EUR per month!

    10 servers (rack / tower):
    10 U/ tower space
    1000 watts power consumption included
    20 IPs included for your server
    webresetter-interface for all servers included (reboot your servers from outside and send real keyboard-commands to them)
    Automatic Installation system (ASI) for all servers included (reinstall your servers with various systems online automatically)
    monthly payment interval
    setup fee: 279,90 EUR one-time
    only 279,90 EUR per month!

    GIGA bandwidth offers:

    100 mbit/s shared port:
    100mbit/s-port and unlimited traffic for your colo-server(s) at a reasonable price? No problem.
    With this bandwidth module, your colocated server can be connected to our shared bandwidth pool using a 100mbit/s port. The traffic is unlimited, thus you can use as much bandwidth as you want.
    If you have ordered a '1 server (rack/tower)' housing module together with this bandwidth module, for example, your entire colocation package is complete at only 49.99 EUR per month.

    Please note: This bandwidth module can only be used for one server. If you want to equip multiple servers with this bandwidth module, one module needs to be ordered per server.

    Switch-Uplink: 1 Gbit/s
    Traffic included: Unlimited
    DC backbone: Several Gbit/s
    Bandwidth statistics: Available as an upgrade
    monthly payment interval
    setup fee: 19,99 EUR one-time
    only 19,99 EUR per month!

    Dedicated bandwidth:
    With this bandwidth module, we offer you dedicated bandwidth, which is reserved for you entirely and can be used in full, all the time ('non-shared'). Both upstream and downstream are useable parallelly exactly up to the number of mbit/s you chose to order. No restrictions. No traffic limit.
    Moreover, you can define yourself whether you want to use the ordered bandwidth as a flatrate with a fixed price or whether you prefer the 95th percentile billing method, which allows to exceed the ordered number of mbit/s if necessary.

    In addition to that, you can connect any number of servers (housing modules, see above) to this bandwidth module. If you do not want to use your own router or BGP, we will manage switching and routing for you - without any extra costs.

    Even when starting with only 10 mbit/s, this module has an impressive price/performance-ratio. But as always: The higher your number of mbit/s, the cheaper your price per mbit/s will get.

    Switch-Uplink: 1 Gbit/s
    Traffic included: Unlimited
    DC backbone: Several Gbit/s
    Bandwidth statistics: Available as an upgrade
    monthly payment interval
    setup fee: 299,99 EUR one-time
    monthly price depends on the bandwidth value you chose - please click here to calculate your individual bandwidth price.

    The following features are available for all products of

    • Reboot tickets: free of charge, daily
    • Root access
    • 99%+ network avalability
    • An unlimited number of additional domains can be ordered
    • Several Linux distributions (free!) as well as Windows Server 2003 available
    • Hardwareupgrades and Softwareupgrades available (for example Control-Panels like CPanel, Plesk, Confixx; Remote-Reboot-Interface; Automatic System Re-Installer etc.)
    • Additional IPs available for your server (1 EUR per IP / month)
    • Our instant support is rarely excelled: A member of staff is always available to answer your questions and help you with any problems that may arise. Contact us using the chat program 'ICQ', by telephone and e-mail, 365 days a year.

    If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our service department:
    [email protected]

    On our website you finally will be able to order a server or to look into further details.

    Best regards,

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    Judging from the pictures & information, you have one of the cleanest, technologically above par, and most efficiently designed server rooms I've seen in some time (if ever). Do you have any pictures & temperature & air quality information regarding the populated server rooms as well as pictures of the wiring behind a rack (of customer's servers, where the air flow or lack thereof will affect other colo customers, not from your servers where it affects only your dedicated servers)? Also, I think you'll find posting picutres of your routing equipment will attract customers as well

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    Hello scapeish,

    thank you!
    Indeed, the whole serverroom has been designed and installed in summer 2005, so only new technology, a good air conditioning system (through the floor) etc. has been used. The racks you can see on the photos are high-quality-racks (with additional air cooling from above) from Rital.

    The air quality is good and there are two simultaneous air conditioning systems, so if one a.c. should ever stop, the second one will still cool down the d.c.

    As the datacenter provides also a backbone-point (POP) of the international network ring of nacamar (formerly known as Tiscali Business) there is very good routing equipment (Juniper Routers) online :-)

    Are you interested in housing servers at us ?

    Best regards

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