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    Thumbs down circlehosting

    hello, forgive me as I'm not really an expert on hosting, servers etc.

    circlehosting seems still be down for me. anyone else having a bad experience with them? I've been with them for over a year and have had no trouble till now. my site was hacked over christmas, which seemed to be cured by running the virus scan in cpanel. since then the whole server seems to be very sporadic and unresponsive (I now know they are actually run through enom.. I don't think contacting them would help?). I cannot access through FTP and as their own site (and support pages) are down I'm having trouble contacting anyone. I found their phone number through previous discussions on this very forum, but that was unresponsive too.. I left a message but who knows if they'll respond? I know that one of the guys posts on here so maybe he will hear my plee?

    my email forwarding is also down, which unfortunately means I am missing out on an awful lot of emails! I'm getting really frustrated as I wanted to continue working on my site (which hasn't been 'live' for a long time.. not that it matters). I want to transfer my domain.. I'm beyond irritated with circlehosting.. but, I have to contact them to get my EPP auth key! I haven't decided who to go with yet but it seems pointless right now as I can't even get the auth key..

    what should I do?

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    I want to transfer my domain.. I'm beyond irritated with circlehosting.. but, I have to contact them to get my EPP auth key!
    Contacting Enom should help with that, if they're indeed their reseller.

    I haven't decided who to go with yet
    Transfer the domain to a company, get hosting from another. That way you have control over your domain even when the host is in the pits.

    their own site (and support pages) are down
    How long has that been going on?

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    Unhappy Circle Hosting Problems


    I'm having problems accessing my Circle Hosting account using the username and password they have provided me with. I have tried contacting them via their support desk, email and msn but many of my emails have bounced back or no one responds. I've tried calling but even that didn't work. Is anyone else having problems with them?

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    you guys really need to secure hosting some where else and get control over your domain names if you dont already. if you can not contact them and if you know they run through enom then call enom there number can be found on there site
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    Thanks for your advice

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    I don't have any direct experiences with them. I think if you tried again for their help it would be solved and If you have got good service from their till now you don't have the need of change. Just try to solve the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buyersheaven View Post

    We have taken over Any clients having problems should contact us via the following link or the details shown below
    That's good news for existing clients - hopefully you will be able to clean their act up - Hosting websites since 1999!
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