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    WebHostASP - Very Bad Experience

    I signed up for personal power account on 2nd Jan 2008 vide Subscription#S-05145332LJ525041P
    i had signed up for personal power program for which i paid 83.40$ but they send me a personal basic account.
    i made request to cancell the account and refund of money on Thu, 17 Jan 2008 02:35:33 -0800 (PST) but till date there is no reply.

    on the home page they commit 30 days money back gurantee. but on cancellation they donot reply of emails sent by their clients.

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    Have you tried calling them on the phone to talk to them about it? That usually speeds things up.

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    No phone # on contact us page

    They have not given any phone no. on contact us page or in any mail sent to me regarding activation of account

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    I just saw their website, with no phone listed, which sucks . I hope it gets sorted out for you, or maybe someone from webhostasp reads this forum and helps you out, if not you might have to do a chargeback soon, or open a PayPal dispute, depending on how you paid.

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    when will people learn to not do business with sites that don't have a phone number or contact us page?

    no phone number = amateur
    no contact page = amateur

    how many warning signs do people need?

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    me too

    I have account with them for about 1 year and all year nothing but trouble. These days they cancelled my account for reason that my account has expired. Actually expires on 03.2008 almost 4 days im trying to get the stuff at beggining. My advice dont host with them. They respond on mails app. 12hours and they are not fixing the problem probably you are going to wait another 12h

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    They have a contact page:

    Does sound like they are attracting the cheaper side of the market though.

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