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    Question Low cost dedicated server. Prefer with Exodus or Sprint backbone.


    Help needed. I need dedicated server to host client customer database and mailing lists.

    Require: Either Duo P3 800 (or P4 1.?g whichever available), 9 gig SCSI HD, 1GIG Dram, 50 gig monthly transfer burstable, 16 IPs (will request for up to 128 IPs per server). FreeBSD, Apache, mySQL.

    Will shift more clients to your farm if the first server works fine.

    Since my clients are large companies which could not afford down time, I preferably host with farms under Exodus or SprintLink backbone. A 24/7 support phone number to reboot server within minutes is crucial.

    Please post quote or email here, I will ask for your quote. Thanks

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    Wrong forum. Post your request in Web Hosting requests and you'll get a much more productive response to your request.

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