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    * php/mysql person needed for one project

    usa based only please

    payment by paypal

    must agree to start now get done within a day or so.

    A user logs in, clicks a tab and then they get a file with a list of stuff. That part I have covered. The list of stuff has a link on each line to download a spreadsheet.

    The link calls the script you write that is passed an id number from the link.

    The spreadsheet contains data from up to 8 tables with 20-30 fields each. The XLS needs to be MAC/PC compatible. (headers issue perhaps)

    The labels for the columns come from a different set of tables than the data resides in.

    Down the road I will need it to be called from a cron job and have the user be notified when the file is ready, so it can handle larger qty of rows. For now it can just do the spreadsheet on the fly, unless it would cost the same to do the cron job method now.

    RESPOND BY PM ONLY PLEASE - we communicate VIA email not instant messenger so please provide your email address.

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