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    Question regarding site access

    Hey guys, I'm hoping you can help with an issue I'm having with one of my client accounts.

    Basically, my client is not able to access any of his sites on my reseller server from his home system. He can, however, access them from his work computer. I've never heard of this before. Any ideas what might be causing it? The sites have been up and running for several months. Thanks!

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    That's probably an issue with DNS from his ISP. Ask him or her to use OpenDNS, which is probably faster as well.
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    Could be your server's firewall blocking his IP address from home. You might want to check that if you haven't already.

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    Generally speaking this is a result of the server blocking the IP. Most times this happens due to login failures through SSH, FTP or whatever the server is setup to block after x amount of failures.
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    What is the error your client is getting?

    404? 403?

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