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    Site-Wide Advertising. Award Winning Music site. 50,000+ Registered Members

    I am offering exclusive advertising to 1 company / individual on the website,

    The site currently has over 51,000 registered members and close to 1,000,000 posts in the forums. It is the world's biggest Muse fansite.

    It won the BT Digital Music Awards 2006 Best Unofficial Website (televised - please PM me for proof of video) and was nominated in the same category for 2007 (also televised). We receive over 60,000 page views a day.

    As an idea of how effective the advertising is. Our current sponsor ( generated 2,000 ($4,000) of sales in December through members on

    I am offering sitewide advertising at the following rates:

    $100 / mo. 468x60
    $135 / mo 728x90

    You may purchase multiple months in advance to guarantee continued placement.

    We are also building a new skin (beta link available by PM) which will look fantastic , and your advert will really stick out qith it.

    We are willing to consider sticky sponsorship and newsletter ad placements too - please contact me to negotiate options and prices.

    t_wilson[at]mailbolt[dot]com (MSN & e-mail)

    Cheers guys!
    Community Muse fansite -

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    Quote Originally Posted by wormrage View Post
    We receive over 60,000 page views a day.
    60k Hits per day. May I ask how many are unique? Thank you, Tom.

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    Between 6,000 and 10,000
    Community Muse fansite -

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