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    Lookin VPS located in Delaware

    I need a vps hosting with datacenter located in state of Delaware. Please tell me if you know about it. The one in Wilmington (DE) is better.
    Thanks so much,

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    Is this due to tax reasons that you need it located in Delaware?

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    939 is in Delaware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima Hosts View Post
    Is this due to tax reasons that you need it located in Delaware?
    Yes, could you help me on it,
    @TheWiseOne: Thanks for your help.

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    Other than ourselves, the only other host I know of in Delaware is Delaware.Net, however their datacenter is located in Dover, not Wilmington. Ours are located outside of Wilmington in Newark. I do know that we are the largest commercial webhost in the state - the only datacenters that outclass ours in this area are private banking ones, which there are a number of due to Delaware's favorable corporate tax laws.

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