TFBPaid Clicks currently has 350+ active members, and we get 10-20 new active members per day!

When you order an advertising package, we first approve the site and then insert it on the "Surf Ads" page. All new ad entries appear at the top of the list. We only charge you for unique visits that our members generate. All outside visits are free. For instance, you may order 1,000 visits but you may receive 1,300 or more visits because of non-members checking out the "Surf Ads" page. You're essentially getting more for your money.

Is each visit unique from the last?
Each visit is unique on a scale of 24 hours. Meaning, you will only be charged for the same visitor once per 24 hours. On the "Surf Ads" page, the "Member Visits" counts the unique visits from members and the "Outside Visits" counts each page hit from non-members.

50 Member visits: $0.75
100 Member visits: $1.25
500 Member visits: $3.50
1,000 Member visits: $7.00
2,000 Member visits: $14.00
3,000 Member visits: $21.00
5,000 Member visits: $35.00
10,000 Member visits: $70.00