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    Lightbulb Start your own web host!!!

    Starting your own web host is now much easier and simpler! Don't even bother buying/renting a web server! You can start your own host from a shared web hosting plan! NO LIE!!!

    My name is Todd, the creator of HostBuilder, and I am here to tell you that HostBuilder is the tool for you if you want to start a web host but just don't have the resources or the money for them.

    HostBuilder is a web hosting tool designed for people who want to start a web host but can't afford the web server with root access.

    If you're really enthusiastic about starting a web host and learning how web hosting works in a nice and user-friendly way, HostBuilder is just for you!

    Check out our screenshots:

    You can purchase the full copy for $49.99 at:

    Or you can download the FREE Edition here:
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    Generally, its a great way to get users to buy or care for your product is to make visible screen shots.

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    The screenshots look fine to me - you sure your browser isnt resizing them?
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    I was trying to do that but it was giving me trouble. I think it was because I had images I wanted visible but also as links leading to larger images. The thumbnails are shown as the links. I'll change them.

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