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Thread: Spam on VPS

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    Spam on VPS

    So I am looking through my server and I have found that under the list of users that have relayed mail there is a user listed as "nobody" with no domain specified that has relayed 8882 e-mails. Keeping in mind that I have had this server for less than a month.

    How can I restrict this without affected my clients?

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    You could check here - - to see if you are in fact running an open relay. If you are it really is something that should be sorted out quickly.

    What mail daemon are you running - sendmail, postfix, exim etc...

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    I am running exim.

    If I use the tweak menu and disable the option for "nobody" to send mail would my client's php based site still be able to send mail? or will they have to use the smtp option?

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