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Thread: hi everyone

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    hi everyone

    came here in my frustration with hostforweb, my site is down yet again with no response from them as usual, and i didnt have a backup on my most recent website as i only just got it

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    Please PM me the ID of the ticket you have submitted for your issue as I haven't been able to find it anywhere in our ticket queue.

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    ticket was solved after a small wait, but i am still an unhappy customer since it keeps going down every month i submit a ticket.
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    Dear Liam,

    I am very sorry to hear of the troubles you are having and hope that I can help you, If you would like to respond to your ticket in our Customer Care department with your phone number I would be happy to call you and discuss the available options we could provide you to help with these issues your having.

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    Replied to a ticket with phone number.

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    And now my mysql won't work a few days after my hosting also got hacked, this is terrible

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    Dear Liam,

    The only way your hosting could "get hacked" is if you installed an insecure configuration that is using insecure permissions on files or folders. This could allow everyone write and execute access, this is not a problem with your hosting with HostForWeb, but more so a problem with the configuration or script that you yourself have installed. As far as the former problem, your mysql not working, and any future issues you might have with your hosting account you should submit a ticket to our technical department asap so that we can further assist you.

    If you could PM me with your relative ticket ID now, I will make sure this is resolved for you immediately (if it has not already been resolved). We are more then happy to audit your accounts security and point out for you the possible problems, and make sure all your services such as mysql are up and running correctly.

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    I was not directing the hacking at Host For Web, was just pointing it out that i've had a bad time

    But the mysql did go down. And the server always seems slow as hell.

    "YUR-445719" That is the ticket in question.

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    Dear Liam,
    Your current issue with mysql has been resolved and your other issues have been explained in depth with a suggestion for a workable solution to your ongoing problems in that ticket ID

    Please feel free to contact us via live chat any time you have any questions.

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