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    Htaccess and a form


    im trying to put up a small form (a poll) on a secured area on my server. The area is secured by an .htaccess file:

    deny from all
    allow from

    AuthUserFile /home/sites/site7/.htpasswd

    AuthGroupFile /dev/null
    AuthName 'Authentification Required'
    AuthPAM_Enabled off
    AuthType Basic
    <Limit GET>
    require valid-user

    <Files .*>
    order allow,deny
    deny from all
    satisfy any

    now when i use the form, it says forbidden (403), but when i remove the .htaccess file (so its unprotected) its works fine

    does anybody know what i can do? Im sure the form (html) code is correct... i made thousands of forms already but here:

    <form name="poll" method="POST" action="index.php">

    so it works fine without the .htaccess file, but with the file it doesnt work.. but when i put up the .htaccess file and try it, it doesnt even ask for authorization either, it just shows 403

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    Well your limiting the script to only use get.. And your form uses post..
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    Assuming that this is anything like cisco access lists, I would have to say that it runs in order from top to bottom. So it runs deny all first, so it dosent even check the allowed. try switching the spots and giving it another go.
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    Originally posted by The Prohacker
    Well your limiting the script to only use get.. And your form uses post..
    That was it, i change <LIMIT GET> to <LIMIT POST GET> and it worked

    i feel pretty stupid now :p


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