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    Selling hosting site with 8 free clients!

    Our hosting site is for sale as we are no longer going to offer hosting commercially and only to current clients that design sites with us. So our whole hosting site is for sale. The following is available:

    1. Hosting site (
    2. About 8 clients of which 4 have 1 year free, and they will be up for renewal in April/May timeframe.
    3. The whole site is built on a backend CMS, so you can change content/text in the admin panel.
    4. The site is integrated with modernbill, but it is a leased license, so in order to keep it going you would have to keep the lease going.
    5. affiliate management with over 600 affiliates.
    6. 8 banners already designed in the affiliate section.
    7. All of the plan specifics to sell managed hosting (through a reseller program with although there are no currents on that.

    Please send your quotes, as we would like to sell the whole operation by the 25th of January.

    Please send questions to sales @ aullo . com

    Please email only. Full buyout $2000, it cost us over $3000 to develop, but want to part from this site so we can concentrate on our main business.
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    So its basically a few free hosting and... a template? I'll offer $400 depending on how much the paying customers are grossing. I sort of like the domain name.

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