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    Top Colocation Providers

    Hello All,

    please list all the Colocation providers in this thread which will not only help me but will also help others finding the right decent and reliable colocation provider.

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    asking top vendors will not help you. You will need to list all your requirements, then looking for a vendor with those things

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    There are a lot of them in the 'colo offers' section.
    Start smiling and dialing, AFTER you have a realistic list of requirements (number of racks, how much power per rack, etc)

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    Where is that colo offer section

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    You should start by telling us where you want to colocate. Colocation is really a regional business.
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    Listing all co-location providers in one thread would be quite a job, and quite a large thread
    There are a lot of threads in the co-location discussion where people asks for co-location in specific areas, you might be able to find what you need by searching for old threads or specifying in this area where you need co-location.
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    The TOP carrier really depends on the application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wholesaletowels View Post
    Hello All,

    please list all the Colocation providers in this thread which will not only help me but will also help others finding the right decent and reliable colocation provider.
    As mentioned, colo is pretty much regional. The "best" DCs will probably be pretty much limited to your closest large metro areas.

    That said, there are major national and global players in the market like Equinix, Switch & Data, Verio, Digital Realty Trust that may have more of a national reputation for service quality. A lot of people consider Equinix a very good premium colo provider for example - with pricing to reflect that.

    Still even the largest metro markets - SF Bay, Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas, Chicago - are probably dominated by local/regional players vs. just national players in the colo market. SF Bay has Hurricane Electric and 365 Main, for example, as pretty major local colo providers, though 365 Main is growing its presence nationally.

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    Colocation is not only regional, you also have to think about what you need such as.

    How much space you need
    Who you want bandwidth from
    How much bandwidth do you want
    Do you want cross connects to any one
    How much density do you want to want
    What kind of reliability
    What kind of support
    24x7 on site
    how much you want to pay

    There are so many options when it comes to colocation that you have to answer some questions first. There are many more questions than what I just listed. The biggest factor is how well you work with your colocation provider.
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