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    Kayako & WHMCS Integration. Importance?


    Can someone please explain to me the importance of Kayako and WHMCS integration?

    I apologize for asking a newbie question. Is Kayako's support features that much better than WHMCS'?

    If you have 2-4 Employees, 50-80 newly created tickets per day, tickets are closed within 48 hours, would WHMCS be enough?

    Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks.

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    Kayako is much easier for tracking down, especially when you have such many tickets

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    I would recommend Kayako, and integrating it, it is much easier for navigation and looks a lot better.

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    WHMCS has a good inbuilt helpdesk but there are a few things it does have missing.

    If you are used to using Kayako in a medium paced company then I think you would definetely miss those things if you ditched Kayako for WHMCS helpdesk.

    Its also nice to seperate these things slightly, our Kayako database is over 500MB in size and we have a few hundred new tickets a day, so its a case of would you trust a new replacement Helpdesk to takeover this much activity when the existing one is working perfectly?

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    We use Kayako SupportSuite, can this be integrated with WHMCS? Trading since 2001
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    Yes it can, its just not perfect yet because you have to use the CVS release of Kayako I believe rather than a fully stable.

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    I had my Kayako license before I moved over to WHMCS so I decided to keep using this, this is no reflection on the inbuilt WHMCS helpdesk, more a case of the devil you know.

    The Kayako intergration with WHMCS is something that I am just finishing of as we speak.
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    Kayako just don't feel right to me to use anymore. Looking for an alternative.

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    Sohan, what are your issues with Kayako?
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