Hi there,

Back in 2006 I purchased TeenDebate.com (currently PR4) to run a forum but I changed plans and didn't do anything forwarding it to some teen forum because I had no time.

Since I am now into development business I would like to sell the domain including the chat server which runs there.

The chat server is Realchat 2.2.2.e Enterprise version which is the old version which was sold by Realchat.com. The benefit of the old version is that there are no user limits (unlike the new version) so you will not have to worry about how many people connect to the chat. The same chat was used by DNForum before they upgraded to the new ajax version (which has connection limits and is much more expensive as it's charged per x users).

If you are interested in the domain name including the chat server I would sell it for about 350 US$. The chat alone did cost US$ 500 so it's pretty much a good deal if you are interested to continue with the site or even if you just look for a great chat room software without userlimits.

The chat server requires:
+ JRE (Java) on your server
+ SSH Access to your server to run the daemon

If interested simply send me a PM and I will get back to you.

Offer Review:
+ domain teendebate.com (regged since 2006)
+ free enom push to your account
+ Realchat 2.2.2.e Chat server (500$ value - unlimited users)

Price: Make offers (not lower than US$ 350)
Contact: PM me
Payment Processor: Paypal Verified Business
BIN: US$ 400
Accepting offers (starting at US$ 350) until:
Wed, 23th Jan 2008 0.00 GMT+1

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