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    Arrow [NL] EuroVPS Plesk/cPanel Reseller Accounts Starting @ 19.95 33% LIFETIME DISCOUNTS!

    Attention WHT Community:

    For a very limited time, we will be offering 33% off for the lifetime of the subscription for all reseller accounts, including cPanel and Plesk accounts.

    Use this code to get the pricing below: PROMO21012008
    You must use this code during the ordering process, otherwise the discounted pricing will not be applied to your invoice

    Reseller Plans:

    RedHat Enterprise Linux or Windows Server 2003 R2 available

    MySQL 5 & PHP 5 included in all plans, MS SQL 2005 Enterprise included in Windows plans!

    ASP Components included in Windows reseller plans
    Microsoft .NET 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0
    ASP POP3
    Softwing ASPTEAR
    Dundas ASP UPLOAD
    MSXML 6
    Winhttpreq 5.1

    Reseller 450 (Plesk or cPanel)
    * Disk Space: 10GB
    * Monthly Bandwidth: 100GB
    * Domains: Unlimited
    * 2 dedicated IP numbers with Reverse DNS

    Retail Price:29.95 EUR/month
    Sale Price:19.95 EUR/month


    Reseller 550 (Plesk or cPanel)
    * Disk Space: 15GB
    * Monthly Bandwidth: 125GB
    * Domains: Unlimited
    * 4 dedicated IP numbers with Reverse DNS

    Retail Price:39.95 EUR/month
    Sale Price:26.95 EUR/month


    Reseller 650 (Plesk or cPanel)
    * Disk Space: 15GB
    * Monthly Bandwidth: 200GB
    * Domains: Unlimited
    * 6 dedicated IP numbers with Reverse DNS

    Retail Price:49.95 EUR/month
    Sale Price:32.95 EUR/month


    Reseller 750 (Plesk or cPanel)
    * Disk Space: 20GB
    * Monthly Bandwidth: 300GB
    * Domains: Unlimited
    * 8 dedicated IP numbers with Reverse DNS

    Retail Price:69.95 EUR/month
    Sale Price:45.95 EUR/month


    We provision a fraction of the clients per machine than it 'could' service, to guarantee that even with heavy usage, all services will be available and most importantly, fast.

    Even the strongest servers can buckle under the heaviest loads, but at EuroVPS we quite simply do not load our reseller machines to more than 25.00% of I/O, CPU, and memory capacity.

    With HP SmartArray Ultra320 SCSI RAID 6 ADG, and 4 physical Intel Xeon MP processors per machine, you simply can't get any higher performance from a hosting plan.

    Our reseller packages include fully redundant DNS hosted on six different DNS-only servers in six different datacenters for maximum reliability, as well as dedicated MySQL, MS SQL 2005, and PostgreSQL database servers for top performance especially under heavy traffic.

    When your database driven sites are under heavy traffic, the web server, mail, and DNS server will not suffer any performance hit, due to our split-server configuration, included with every reseller plan!

    All of our Reseller hosting packages include access to HSPcomplete 3.3 client control panel , which will allow you to upgrade your reseller plan, purchase additional MS SQL 2005 hosting, order new dedicated IP addresses, edit clustered DNS zones, add new plans, and even downgrade your current plan, instantly!

    Using our HSPcomplete 3.3 control panel, you can make changes to your account, without even contacting Support. The entire process is fully automated, with no delays, and no waiting.

    You will be proud to resell our hosting services, while saving considerable money. Leasing a dedicated server setup such as what is offered in these plans would cost thousands, which you can now spend on your business. Leave the technical aspects to us, and concentrate on what is important to your web business.


    1. Use this link to search Google:

    2. Use this link to search WHT:

    3. Use this email to ask any questions: [email protected]

    Payments accepted:

    * PayPal
    * Visa
    * Mastercard
    * Wire Transfer
    * E-Gold
    * MoneyBookers

    EuroVPS is an established European corporation with 4 years of operation in providing web hosting services and managed services. EuroVPS is a RIPE registered Local Internet Registry, and our servers are fully owned and operated by our company. We do not own any SATA based products, all services are hosted on SCSI based servers and SCSI Based IBM storage area networks. We execute daily backups and operate a very organized datacenter, you can see more about this and our practices on our website here:

    Feel free to contact Sales should you have further queries, or to request a demonstration of the services. Special requirements can be evaluated on a case by case basis, we will do our best to accommodate prospective customers.

    EuroVPS - Sales
    [email protected]
    EuroVPS - Europe's Fully Managed Hosting
    Established 2004 - The European Hosting Authority

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    Additionally, please note that additional discounts are provided for longer subscription terms, please see here;

    6 Months = -35%
    12 Months = -40%
    24 Months = -50%

    EuroVPS - Sales
    EuroVPS - Europe's Fully Managed Hosting
    Established 2004 - The European Hosting Authority

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