A while back in this forum another person sold a JavaScript that allowed a user to select various aspects of what they want as part of their hosting plan and the cost would be updated in real time on the screen, but it wasn't very easily customizable, so I made this new, and improved (written from scratch, fully original), real time host pricing script.




Those are working demos of the script. The script is fairly small, and is extremely customizable, every aspect of the fonts, size, color, face, every item listed, what categories you want and don't want, table background, cell background, prices, categories, almost *everything* is customizable!

I'm selling this script for a low $5.95 per copy (which includes total customization).

If you're interested, please reply to this post or ICQ me at 122363808 or MSN/EMail me at [email protected].

Payments made via PayPal.

*note* You will also be notified of updates of the jPrice script and given the updates for free if you purchase a copy - some updates in the future include having 3-4 preset plans the user can click on and in "real-time" everything would be selected for the user in the different drop down menus and the prices would be updated.