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    Suggestions on New Reseller

    Im looking for a reseller accounts that offers the following...

    shared virtual accounts/ linux

    reseller control panel with built in funtions such as; billing clients, helpdesk ( i seen that hsphere offers this but dont care to much for the additional cost carried on to me for each account)

    atleast 4 types of hosting packages to choose from to offer to client


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    not too sure but dont ventures online do that sort of package?

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    I think that H-SPHERE is the CP for you and I habe choose that use H-Sphere.
    This hoster don't charge a fee for each account but only for the accounts over the number setup in the panel.

    For ex: the reseller plan1 has 10 accounts incluse in the plan.

    So you have to pay only if you add more plans
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    How are you making any money with that.... u pay for reseller plan at $35.00 which inlcuded 10 acccounts... are u selling from the 1000mb and 25gb bandwitdh that is with that package or selling there virtual accounts..

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    It is with unlimited domains.

    Each account above the inital 10 has a $4.95 setup fee.

    If you business model is for $2.95 accounts then no this is probabley not the solution for you.

    Do a search on H-Sphere here on the forums and you will find some discussions about it.

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    I am with them and the bunch of guys out there are great

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